About Us
What we are

Ambitious ideas & brilliant implementation

To deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients by providing unparalleled Website design and Software development services at affordable prices. Our small size makes us flexible. Internal red tape doesn’t bog us down because we haven’t any. We’re quick to come up with ideas and suggest solutions. We believe our customers deserve a little more than just cost-savings when they come offshore.

When our competition hires those we reject, we know that we are doing something right. We have stringent screening processes and we benchmark ourselves against our own high standards. Since we don’t hire 1000 people every month, we never need to drop our hiring standards. And, since every engineer has a minimum of 2 years of experience before walking into our company, he/she can very quickly gain access to our vast pool of internal knowledge on Microsoft technology.


Why work with us

Since we’ve been doing PHP and .NET for years, we are the employer of choice for all engineers that want a career on PHP and .NET. That’s why we have the best talent working for us, and therefore, working for you.